Wanna know a secret?

Writing is my secret sauce.

It’s the way I process life and tap into the deepest parts of my soul and spirit, in a way spoken words often fail. No shallow platitudes here. Come along as I share thoughts from the deep end of the thought pool. 

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Stories of faith, trials, temptation, and more.

An Undivided Heart

While football hums in the background and black-eyed peas simmer on the stove, I wanted to take a minute to say hello on this first day of the year!  Hello and Happy New Year, my friend!  With Christmas past us and 2024 on our doorstep, it’s important to take a beat to reflect on what ...
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Music can soothe a cranky baby, energize a stadium or heal a broken heart. In my darkest days, music was the way I found the strength to keep going. A melody can usher us into His presence like nothing else.

Enjoy this playlist of songs from me to you that encourage, uplift, and turn our gaze back toward the One who is so very worthy of our praise! By signing up, you are also unlocking a weekly dose of positivity from me straight to your inbox!