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Belly Buttons


The selfless act of carrying life within the womb. Nourishing the life, giving freely.

It amazes me that the Lord graced us with two beautiful, healthy children. The two who have belly buttons because of me.

The belly buttons.

Not because I am anything special.

Certainly not because of any merit of my own.

But because the Lord was gracious. He saw what would become of this journey.  He knew what our little family would grow to be. Yet still, what He is allowing us to flesh out in this daily walk called LIFE.

Immeasurably blessed. Twice.

A bundle of pink joy, the week before Christmas…

And a tiny man-child, born on a sweltering August day.

Two belly buttons. Two lives. Two gifts. Oh sweet Jesus, thank you for your kindness toward us.

For allowing us the gift of parenthood. Of laughter, joy, and the moments I am slack-jawed at your overwhelming grace and mercy toward our messy lives.

Lest we ever forget our roots. Motherhood isn’t easy, and for the momma of mine who did her best, I am thankful.  I am thankful to you, who carried me all those years ago.  Thanks for the belly button, Mom.