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What Breaks Your Heart (Breaks His Too)

Ever had a broken heart?

Sometimes it’s the ache of another’s suffering or injustice. We mourn for those who mourn, we groan in our spirit to see good triumph over evil.

We whisper, “Jesus, come.” in the wake of atrocities.

Sometimes the ache is our own hurting heart.

People fail us, betray us.

Things don’t work out the way we planned.

The unthinkable happens.

Our world is upended.

Whatever breaks your heart – the Lord sees it, and He grieves for your hurt too.

The enemy wants us to think the Lord doesn’t care – or worse – he caused it or revels in your pain.

Not true.

The Lord delights in YOU.

You were created in HIS IMAGE! You are His child!

Just like a parent loves their child and grieves for their hurts, so too does the Lord.

What breaks your heart, breaks His too.



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