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What Breaks Your Heart (Breaks His Too) | Episode 40

Think back to a time when you put someone on a pedestal, and they later let you down. Is there a better way to navigate heartbreak and disappointment in relationships than being stuck in unforgiveness? Listen as Kristi shares a story from her own experience with disappointment and how three important lessons we can learn from King David in the Bible can change our outlook on our relationships.

Top reasons to listen to the entire episode:

  1. Learn the importance of forgiveness in relationships through personal stories and reflections on King David’s story that highlight the power of forgiveness.
  2. Discover a new perspective on overcoming hurt and disappointment that can be a practical strategy when navigating tricky situations.
  3. Gain valuable insights on how this shift in perspective can lead to healing, forgiveness, and a renewed understanding of the role of relationships in our lives.

Scripture References:

2 Samuel 11

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