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What Breaks Your Heart | Part 2

Don’cha just love when the thing you’re going through ends up being the exact thing you needed to make you better?

I say this tongue in cheek of course, because none of us love going through the hard stuff, and we certainly don’t love those seasons of being refined. But because God loves us so dang much, he allows these seasons because he knows they do exactly what they should – _draw us nearer to Him, and make us more like Him in the process_.

When my kids were little, we had a song we sang while we cleaned up their toys (I won’t sing it for you – you’re welcome ;)). They needed to learn the discipline of cleaning up their mess, and singing that little song made the task a bit less burdensome.

Did they love cleaning up?

Of course not. (And honestly, neither did I. LOL)

But I knew what was best for them, and **even if** they didn’t like the chore, it was necessary to teach them.

And while no one sings a song for me when I’m cleaning up messes these days (literally and figuratively speaking), I do get to choose my attitude while I’m in it. The song of my heart, if you will.

The long and short of it is this – we are going to have times when the Lord allows us to endure a trial, resist temptation, or pass a testing of our faith. It’s just part of our walk with Christ.

And the key to all of it – the key to our attitude, our faith, our heart – is **trust**.

Do you trust that He has the best in mind for you? Do you believe He’s working everything for the good?

When the answer is yes, and you trust the Lord, it doesn’t mean the path will suddenly be easy, but He promises never to abandon you.

And whatever you’re going through will be the very the thing the Lord needed you to know/understand for the season that’s coming next.

Did you catch that?


It will be worth it!

So, embrace the place you find yourself, sweet friend.

**Last week we talked about getting your heart broken, and I shared the story of getting stood up by a guy I was dating.** On the podcast this week, I share the conclusion of the story; it wasn’t fun, but it sure changed my life. Check it out if you haven’t already.

PS…**Mark you calendars for SEPTEMBER 5th – we are starting a new series!** It’s called “Even If Faith”, and it is going to be POWERFUL. I’ve got some guests lined up that are gonna blow your socks off, and I’ll be sharing my own Even If story about a really dark season of life. **_Please_**be praying for us as we prepare and record these episodes, and for the Lord to show up powerfully in those conversations.

PSS…EEEK! I love surprises – and I’ve got one for you!! NEXT WEEK, I’ve got a treat just for you peeps who are subscribed to the newsletter. Need a hint? I talked about songs and singing today…hmmm…Curious?! _Well then, don’t miss next week’s newsletter!! (And lest you worry, it isn’t a CD of me singing. I sing almost as well as I drive. HA!)  Ok, that’s all I can tell you – See you next week!_

PSS – One more thing! I’ve got a YouTube channel now, so if you want to watch the ‘pod instead of listening, you can check it out with the link below!

(Ok, that’s all for now. Really!)

Thank you for reading!

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