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the middle east…

I don’t watch a lot of mainstream media, but I am keeping up as events unfold through a few trusted sources. It all just breaks my heart. Our world is so broken, and so badly needs Jesus.

What can we do?

PRAY. Our first line of defense is prayer. Proverbs 15:29 says that God hears the prayer of the righteous. Pray as God leads you – as you hear or see news – pray for the protection of the innocent – the wisdom of those in authority – and for those who do not know Jesus to find him. Take him your concerns, fears and worries of war. Take him the grief you feel when you see atrocities. He hears you.

BE FIRM, NOT FEARFUL. The enemy wants us to quake in fear at war and rumors of war. While concerns are normal, we know who is in control. Guard your heart and mind, sweet friends. And for the love, please don’t believe everything you read on the internet. I’ve been following The PourOver and am grateful for unbiased news. Check it out.

GIVE. If you want to support efforts, but don’t know where to start, here’s a few ways you can. As always, be prudent when giving online…the internet is awash with those ripe to take your money. Charity Watch and Charity Navigator are great for researching organizations. For an excellent article on places you can give, check out NPR’s article on How to Help Humanitarian Efforts in Israel and Gaza.

A couple of them I trust…
Doctors Without Borders
IsraAID is the largest humanitarian aid organization in Israel, and has responded to global disasters in over 50 countries. It’s collecting donations through its Emergency Response Fund, and says its plans will develop as needs on the ground evolve.

snippet from the blog… “Imago Dei”

This world is full of different people, isn’t it?

Different beliefs and values.
Religious, non-religious.
They don’t vote like you.
They support causes that make your stomach turn.

They do unholy things to their body.
Promote unholy things too.

They chase the world.
Lose their soul.

Their actions are hard to understand.
And man, they’re hard to love.

I see it online and in rooms where I stand too – the anger at people who don’t believe or live or act like you. The indignation.


(I can literally hear some of you shaking your fists & yelling at me) 😉

In my mind’s eye, I see Jesus squatting down, fingers tracing the dirt quietly. Sorta like he did that time they were going to stone the adulterous woman….

Joke of the Week:
Q:How do you fix a
busted 🎃pumpkin🎃??

A: A pumpkin patch!! 😂

Cultural Differences | Americans vs Canadians with Kerri-Lynne Knappett

I laughed so hard while talking to KLK!!! She’s the real deal y’all. Listen wherever, or watch it on YouTube!

When I asked Kerri-Lynne about the prevalence of Christianity in Canada….

“I would definitely say that the religion that is predominant, is no religion…it’s definitely at the point where if you are a Christian or you call yourself a Christian, you would be a very rare minority.
And if you were, like, an evangelical Christian that would be even more rare still. I think you’re looked down upon if you are a churchgoer, for sure. ”

Kerri-Lynne Knappett

Episode 53: Cultural Differences

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with Jon Antonucci

This week’s memory verse:

“When I am afraid, I will trust in You.”

-Psalm 56:3

Currently Reading:

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, by Peter Scazzero

This one, y’all. It’s one of my all-time faves, and I’m reading it again for the eleventy-hundredth time. The takeaway: your emotional maturity is key to your spiritual health.

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