What’s Your “SO”? | Embracing Vulnerability (and letting go of insecurity!), Episode 52

What’s your SO? (And what exactly is a SO?!) Join Kristi today as we discuss this AND CELEBRATE the one year birthday of the Even If Podcast (WOW! IT’S BEEN ONE WHOLE YEAR ALREADY?!!)! We discuss all the things today – vulnerability, insecurity, understanding purpose and more!
Reasons to listen today:
-Discover what SO means, and how it affects YOU. What’s Your SO?!
-Get comfortable with vulnerability. Kristi admits her mistakes in her early episodes and what she would go back and do over if she could.
-Insecurity is fear based.
-ITS OUR BABY PODCAST’S BIRTHDAY!!! (I’m so excited I said it twice! EEK!)
Sappy moment? THANK YOU for joining me on this journey of discovering deep faith and Christ following! It’s a JOY to walk alongside you in this life – I couldn’t – WOULDN’T – do it without you!
Cheers to the 1st Year as we look toward the 2nd Year of the Podcast and ALL the Lord holds for it!
-Love, kristi
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Thank you for listening!

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