Well Loved: Summers with Nana

When you think of someone who has loved you well, who comes to mind?

And what was it about them that made you feel so loved?

I’m going to bet it wasn’t what they bought or gave. I bet it wasn’t because of the money they spent on expensive things.

Culture often tells us that we have to give materially to show our love – but God’s economy seldom uses the same currency that culture does.

The currency of love Jesus showed us was anything but material. It was sacrificial, compassionate. Jesus often demonstrated love by speaking up for the marginalized and poor, with gentleness and truth, spoken in love.

His love for us is deeper than we can imagine, literally spending himself to ensure we could share eternity with him, even if we don’t deserve it.

It’s grace.

It’s mercy.

He tells us to love others the way he loved us.

Agape love.

It’s the kind of love that shows up when it’s hard, love that shows up when the body is weary. Love that gives freely for the benefit of others.

Love that is patient under pressure and kinder than necessary.

Love that points others toward the One who loves us fully.

That, my friends, is agape love.

This week’s episode is about my Nana – and how she loved me well. As you listen to this week’s episode, think about who loved (or still loves) you well. Share it with your people, and spend some time thanking the Lord for the gift those people are in your life. And if they are already on that side of Heaven, rejoice in knowing you’ll be there with them one day.

Thank you for reading!

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