Summers with Nana, Episode 36

Can you think back to a time and place where you felt loved and safe? Was there a person there, a family member, friend or neighbor, who exemplified unconditional love to you, where you could actually see in their eyes how much they genuinely cared about you?

Listen as I share my memories of my time with my grandmother, and how she created an environment that would later help me to accept the feelings of safety, acceptance and belonging I have with the Lord.

Topics Covered:

  • Knowing that feeling of “home,” a place where we can be ourselves.
  • Feeling unwavering and unconditional love, regardless of any flaws or mistakes.
  • Defining agape love.
  • The importance of embracing joy and accepting others with love and kindness.
  • How rituals and memories create a deep bond and a sense of connection.
  • Knowing that “who we are is enough” teaches us the value of self-acceptance and embracing one’s true self.
  • How God offers an even better acceptance and unconditional love, and it strengthens us even more

This is a continuing series where I share some of my stories from my childhood and youth to give us a place to begin having a conversation with others, with our small groups or with our families, even in the car with our kids, to build connection.

Who from your past comes to your mind when you think of unconditional love? How old were you? How did they make you feel and what kind of influence did they have on your life? Be sure to reflect on your own relationships and memories and continue the conversation with me, by tagging me on either Instagram or Facebook.  

Links & Mentioned Resources

2 Peter 3:9

Isaiah 6:5

1 Corinthians 13


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