Un-diet your life with Terri Irlbeck

Un-diet Your Life: Nurturing Success and Self-Compassion with Terri Irlbeck, Episode 57

How does one UN-Diet their life? What do you do when you’re overwhelmed and life feels out of control? My beautiful, brave friend Terri Irlbeck, founder and owner of Grace Harris Collection, is on the show this week and I AM SO PROUD she’s here to share her story!!! As a successful interior designer, Terri chose to venture into entrepreneurship in 2021 with an Etsy shop promoted on Instagram. Her business soared beyond all expectations, making her work and personal life highly public on the platform.

We talk today about her struggle to balance the demands of work and home life – and that as overwhelm took over, she started skipping meals and creating rules about eating to gain a sense of control over something in her life. Although she wasn’t diagnosed with an eating disorder, the way she was eating was unsustainable.

At her lowest, Terri turned to Christ, knowing she couldn’t continue living this way.

Tune in this week as she decides to “Undiet Her Life”, embrace her authentic self and break free from the pressure of trying to control her diet so intensely.

You’ll Learn:

  • [04:34] Terri’s biggest loves.
  • [05:43] She had been an interior designer for over 20 years.
  • [06:32] In 2021, she started her online business with Instagram and Shopify.
  • [13:02] Her business really began to take off after the first year. She wasn’t used to being so public, especially her visibility on Instagram.
  • [18:03] She was overwhelmed and began skipping meals or fasting.
  • [21:32] As a perfectionist, she created rules about eating.
  • [25:31] She found a functional medicine practitioner and prayed for healing.
  • [27:54] She found inspiration from the Bible and began assessing her life.
  • [33:14] She’s now taking away the I can’t and focuses on what her body really needs.
  • [39:36] Show compassion for yourself and your body. It’s okay to ask for help and let God heal you.

Thank you for listening!

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