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Overwhelmed but Never Alone

Was there ever a time in your life when you felt overwhelmed, but not by God? Would you describe it as an _underwhelm of God_ **or** an _overwhelm of the world_? My guest, Catherine Shea, realized that very thing had a lot to do with her anxiety and depression. If you can relate, then this episode is definitely one that you won’t want to miss…

Personally, I’ve struggled with this more times than I can count. I freak out about dumb stuff. I spin and stir myself into a tizzy about things that honestly, just don’t matter. I suspect the Lord gets a good chuckle at me when I’m acting like this sometimes.

But Catherine Shea’s words landed like a dagger in my heart this week. _”AM I OVERWHELMED BY THE THINGS OF THIS WORLD, OR THINGS OF THE SPIRIT?”_

If that’s you too, consider this: He longs to overwhelm us in a good way. He longs to show us glimpses of His Holy Hands gracing our lives. If only we would slow down and look for him.

In this episode, we discuss Catherine’s struggles with overwhelm, serving the broken and needy, connecting with the community, and so much more.

Topics covered in this episode with Catherine Shea:

• Catherine confession of being overwhelmed

• Gods overwhelm versus the world’s overwhelm

• How a widow’s story changed Catherine’s life

• The importance of humility

• Letting go of expectations and people pleasing

• Setting up a resource center

• How the Holy Spirit brings people together


Tune into the episode

Can you feel the Holy Spirit’s conviction to feed the parts of you that desire more of God and bear His image? Don’t be afraid to lean into that and seek Him! Each and every one of us longs for that very thing because it’s what we were created for.

Thank you for reading!

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