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Obstacles, Challenges, We all have them…

Walking with Christ doesn’t guarantee an easy life, does it? Even when we do exactly what we’re supposed to be doing, we still face challenges at some point. These challenges can be minor bumps in the road, or life-altering challenges, but God is in control of it all and He can redeem anything.

My guest, Lena Li, is living proof of that. Lena lost both of her arms in a childhood accident, but God has opened doors that only He can open in a way that only He can get the credit for.

When things go wrong in life, it might be tempting to question why the Lord would allow such pain or suffering. But he is a compassionate, loving God who takes the broken pieces of our life and puts us back together in a way we never thought possible.


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What some of are the obstacles you’ve faced? And how have you seen God take care of you in them? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

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