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Why We Need to Remember, Episode 46

How often do you take the time to remember – to think about the past or reflect on things? What does remembering do, and why is it important for us as believers? Join Kristi today as she wraps up the summer “Conversation Series” for a few thoughts about remembering and the benefits it holds for us.

Questions discussed today:

Why is it important to think about the past, or remember?
What benefits does remembering hold?
Remembering the past:
-Helps us see how far we’ve come.
-Gives us the ability to see things we couldn’t see before,
-Look at past events through a different lens.
-Infuses us with the strength to trust God with the challenges we are facing now.
Reasons to listen today:
-Learn how to use events of the past to help you face challenges in the future.
-Discover practical tips about remembering.
-Learn how the Israelites’ complaining (and lack of remembering) affected their faith – and see how the Lord graciously provided for them!

Scripture references in today’s episode:
Exodus 14-16

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