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Why We Need Seasons…

Summer it seems, is finally in our rear view mirror (and all the people threw their hands in the air and shouted, AMEN!).

Leaves are beginning to change here in West Texas, along with cooler mornings & warm afternoons. It’s been rainy too, which has given me New England vibes the past couple of days.

Ruth Ahmed said, ”There is something so special in the early leaves drifting from the trees–as if we are all to be allowed a chance to peel, to refresh, to start again.”

It’s no secret that life mimics nature, (or nature mimics life?).

Like the tree, we all need to shed our leaves and rest a bit, so we can bloom again next spring. And with each new season, even if it looks markedly different than the one before, there is beauty to be found.

Seasons provide a natural rhythm…A rhythm right & ordered, vital even.
For the tree. (For us too.)

We place so much emphasis on fruit born in the growing season, we miss all that happens in other times.

Without cold, roots don’t deepen.

If not for the brave buds breaking through each spring, fruit would not exist.

If a tree did not release it’s leaves at the end of the season, the cold of winter would actually kill it. (Ooh that speaks vividly. How much damage happens when we cling to a season that’s ending, huh?)

Whatever season you find yourself – embrace it.

If you’re seeing the “fruit” of your work, harvesting all you’ve cultivated – Enjoy the warmth of the sun on your face, the satisfaction of a job well done.

Maybe you’re in that brave place where there’s no certainty, no going back. This is where our faith is born. Be brave, friend. God has you!

If you’re in a hard season these days, leaning in and trusting He will bring you through a winter, sit with Him in it. There is such intimacy in the cold grey days. Let him pull you close and keep you warm.

Some of you are in a releasing season, letting go so as to embrace the next. An in-between, “almost but not quite.” Don’t worry – He’s faithful to see you through it.

I don’t know where you find yourself, but wherever it is, He’s there too. So be there. Seek the beauty of these days, before they slip away.

Happy Friday to each of you! May your football team win (unless you’re the University of Texas 😂) and your weekend be filled with rest, joy and time with those you love.

I love you! ~Kristi

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