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The Edges of our Life

I’m a terrible rule follower, especially if I think the rule is dumb. Explain WHY I need it, help me understand. Otherwise I’m likely to roll my eyes and move along.

It’s a problem, I know, I know.

Especially when it comes to things of the spirit. Most of the time I get the stuff He prescribes Biblically, but as He shows me areas of my life that need to be pruned, or as we talked about in this week’s episode, where the borders/edges of my life need to be specifically, I sometimes question His nudges.

Am I the only one who asks God “WHY?” on the regular?

Surely not…right?!

We need these boundaries…we need the safety they provide. So why are we so resistant to them when we know they’re HIS best for us?

Sometimes I feel like Paul in Romans 7:19 where he says,”“For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do—this I keep on doing.”

We know what we SHOULD do, but ooooh how we resist it sometimes! We squirm like kids gettin’ sunscreen rubbed in when he’s just trying to keep us from getting burned, right?!

Boundaries are good, and in God’s upside down economy, they’re actually the key to freedom…if that sounds like something you need more of, check it out here.


Thank you for reading!

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