summer picnic

Summer Shenanigans

It’s Summer!

I love summer. The warmth, the sunshine, vacay with the fam-bam. I love the lack of routine for a little bit, a reprieve from making lunches and a calendar full of ALL. THE. THINGS. Even though mine are almost grown-ish and my days as an Uber driver are done, I love the slower pace that summer brings.

I also love a good story (which is handy since I started a storytelling podcast! Ha!), so this week, we are kicking off a new series called “Conversation Starters.” All summer long, I’m sharing stories from my childhood, young adulthood and a few others sprinkled in.

Did you know I stole a car once? Or that I got stood up on my birthday?

I’ve done so many silly, crazy (DUMB!) things in my life – and yet the Lord has been gracious enough to love me through it all.

So buckle up for a summer chock-full of family-friendly stories that can serve as a “Conversation Starter” for your family, small group, or time with the Lord. Prepare to laugh (I’ve done some crazy things, y’all!), get a few insights, and most importantly – keep growing in your faith.

So excited to see how the Lord meets us there each Tuesday!

Thank you for reading!

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