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The Beauty of Miracles & Divine Interruptions

On the ‘pod this week, Lisa Swofford and I talked about miracles. Miracles, healing, divine interruptions are the part of our faith we can’t explain. We hear stories of people being healed from disease, or protected from a fire or car wreck. I know a podcaster who shares stories of the miraculous every week on her show.

But sometimes, the unexplained can leave us with more questions than we can shake a stick at. Why? How?! What moved God to act on our behalf? 

The gorgeous beauty of it is, we serve a God who is supreme over it all – his ways are not our ways, and his thoughts are not our thoughts. He’s bigger than us, unbound by space and time, physics or gravity. And I don’t know about you but I love that in his wisdom, God has all that power under control – the explainable, and the stuff we can’t explain. He’s weaving together a tapestry so mind-bendingly large (did I just make up a word there?), we couldn’t comprehend it, even if we tried. 

He heals cancer with that power, provides the exact amount of money you needed for rent, or entirely re-writes the story you thought had already been written.

Sometimes He does things we just cannot, in our humanness, explain.  

There’s a song by Brandon Lake, “Too Good to Not Believe” that has come to mind several times this week. I’ve added it below, if you want to hear it.

He’s so good, friends. Too good. 

Too good to not believe. 

Jesus opened the eyes of the blind when he walked this earth. And he still moves today. He tenders unforgiving, hard hearts. He brings the wayward home. He breaks chains of addiction, he provides specifically for that which only HE could have known we needed. 

Miracles happen, everyday. 

Have you seen a miracle in your own life? Something that only could have been because the Lord moved on your behalf? I’d love to hear about it. The power and majesty of God never ceases to amaze me. So, seriously, email me and tell me what he’s done!


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