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Live Your Bold Life!

There are so many parts of Peter’s story that I relate to…his boldness, his humanness, his “I GOT YOUR BACK” declarations, among many things.

There have been times in my own life that I felt all of this – as someone with a tendency to speak before I think (anyone else?!), I’ve given some very “Peter-esque” declarations over the years. He has graciously loved me even if I’ve missed the mark, but I wonder if you’ve ever declared something to the Lord and felt like you’ve let Him down?

Maybe you committed to prioritizing your morning by spending time with him, but you’ve overslept 3 days in a row. Or you said you would volunteer at that local ministry, but you haven’t done it yet.

Or maybe (like me), you swore you’d give up the thing you know isn’t serving you well…only to do it once again.

Whatever it is, however you’ve fallen short, know this: The Lord knew. He knew you would fall down, speak out of turn, make a mess of things. And yet, He called you His. Jesus overcame death for us, to make a way for us to receive his Kingdom. Nothing you have done can disqualify you from your eternal inheritance, and nothing can upend His lavish love for you.

I don’t think the Lord minds our bold attempts, in fact, I think he smiles at us the way we smile at children as they try something new. He knows we aren’t going to get it perfect. But he loves us, and I believe he honors the effort.

Even If you mess up, Even If you fall short sometimes – keep living that bold life.

Thank you for reading!

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