House of Miracles, Pt 3: The GLORYous Details

I’ve put myself in Lisa’s shoes several times during the past three weeks, thinking about how hard it would be to forgive Andrew. But every time I go down that path, I am reminded that Lisa’s life is surrendered to Christ, and just like Ephesians 4:32 says, we are to be kind and compassionate, forgiving others like Christ forgave me.

But on the flip side of the coin, what if I were Andrew? My natural proclivity is shame, y’all. I struggle with shame and if this was me, I think shame might crush me completely. But then I hear the Lord whisper to me, “My forgiveness is complete, Kristi.”

Andrew walks in righteousness because of the blood of the lamb.

Andrew is forgiven. COMPLETELY. WHOLLY.

And. So. Are. You.

As we celebrate Holy Week, we rejoice that our sin is forgiven.

We are washed clean. His forgiveness has no limits, and the stains we see as unredeemable, He sees as white.

Thank you Jesus for the cross and resurrection!!!

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