Empowering Orphans | Frank Garrott, Episode 32

Do you remember the earthquake in Haiti in 2010? Suddenly, hundreds of thousands of children were without parents because their parents died in the earthquake. Back then, all of their documents would have been paper-based –– so any and all kinds of records these children had were gone. They became completely invisible. That’s where Frank Garrott and Both Ends Believing have stepped up and stepped in to give these children digital identities to help them to become placed in a family.

In this episode, Frank and I talk about Children First Software, milestone moments, and what moving from the corporate world to the nonprofit world was like.

Topics covered: 

  • What you see when you go to underdeveloped countries is not the orphanage you picture
  • Give back what you have, if you have the ability
  • Families are hopeful they’re going to find their forever children –– and children can be hopeful they’ll find forever families

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