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Healthy, Not Perfect: Friendship, Frustrations and the Advice We All Need | Episode 45

One thing is for certain: there are no perfect relationships. The goal is healthy, not perfect. No one will be without quirks and peculiarities. So we have to decide, can I love ALL of them, the good, bad and ugly? This week’s episode is for you, the listener! In response to the Aug 1st episode (Three Keys to Authentic Friendships), today we are answering YOUR questions. You asked, Kristi answered!

Questions discussed in today’s episode:

What do you do when you’re in an argument with a friend, or at an impasse?
How do you fight fairly?
How do you talk about your faith with people new friends?
What if you’ve been excluded?
How do you know when it’s time to walk away?
What do you do when your friend frustrates you?


Reasons to listen today:

  • Learn how to handle conflict with friends by owning your portion of the situation, seeking understanding and maintaining perspective.
  • Discover practical tips about friendship and how to be bold in your faith with friends.
  • Gain understanding in the challenges that friends present – but the blessing they are!
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Thank you for listening!

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