Hold Them Tight


In the quiet of the morning, I sit.
Dawn is coming.
The oldest, brings me a hug, sleepy and snuggly, this morning, like every morning.
I stroke her messy hair, hold her tight.
Maybe a little tighter than normal.
I fight back tears for those who woke this morning to devastation and heartbreak.

For the momma’s who won’t hold their babes again,
won’t give morning kisses,
won’t pack the lunch.

The daddy’s who lost the sunshine’s in their life,
won’t coach the soccer team this fall,
won’t walk her down the aisle someday.

For those grieving,


At the end of yesterday’s post, I mentioned a sweet story I would share today about Deo Pneuma. But as I was writing yesterday’s post, I was unaware of the tornados in Oklahoma. It wasn’t until after posting, I came out of my office and saw the news.

So instead of the story today, let’s stop for a moment instead and listen for some clarity.
In this life wrought with human frailty, uncertainty…
Might we ask…
Where are the unforgiven places in our life?
With whom do we need to reconcile hurts?
Are there people in our life that need more attention, intentional direction?

Better put…
Who are you mad at?
Who hurt you?
Are you paying attention to the ones in your life that matter the most?

My mom text me last night to tell me she loved me, and to give the kids a hug.
I cried.
Momma/daughter stuff can be hard, friends.
My mom and I are no exception.
We’ve been through the ringer, just to be honest. (It’s nothing she wouldn’t tell you either.) But the other thing we would testify to is that the Lord has allowed healing where we never would have thought possible. By the grace of God, what was once pain, hurt, and division, is slowing blooming into a healthy friendship.

Real life beauty from ashes.
And I give thanks.

Life is fragile.
Hold the ones tight you love.
Tell them. Don’t assume they know.
Love like there’s no tomorrow.


Day 9: rest.


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