Deo Pneuma



It’s Monday, friend.
And I think we all need a breath of fresh air this afternoon.

Stop and take a breath.
A really good, deep one.

I have a word I wanna share real quick before I pick the kidlets up from school.

Slow down.
Take another deep breath.

The world screams loudly, I know.
And it seems the world screams loudest on Monday.
Especially on a Monday, Manic and Panic raging.
Or just weary and teary.

But if you step away for a moment, that’s where you find the quiet whisper.

That one thing you know you need to do.
The person you need to call.
The change you need to make.

Those moments, when you know that you know that you KNOW you are being prompted to do something….that, sweet friend, is Deo Pneuma.
…It’s the movement of the Holy Spirit in your life.

Like my friend who went back to the restaurant because she felt called share Jesus’ name with the waitress.
Or the one who showed up to sit with the family as they waited for the surgeon.
Or the one who mows the elderly neighbor’s yard every week.

John tells the kids each morning on the way to school, “Be a blessing to someone today!”
I love that their daddy says things like that.
I love when they do it.

Deo Pneuma.
The moments when you feel prompted by the spirit to do something.
Slow down.
Listen for those moments.

Here’s the thing, a very real Monday word.
We can (and do!) get so wrapped up in our own little lives that we do nothing except that which benefits us.
We can move so quickly we miss what the Lord is asking.
The days fly by and we miss it, because we don’t slow down long enough to listen.

Friend, God’s whisper isn’t inaudible.
It just isn’t going to compete with the screaming demands of the world.
We have to be intentional in our time with Him.
We must be willing to sit, to learn to hear.
It is in slowing down, and learning to hear that we experience the Deo Pneuma.

May you slow down today.
Listen for the Holy Spirit’s prompting.

Tomorrow, I share a moment of Deo Pneuma that touched my heart deeply.
See you then,

The road to Awesome didn’t stop this weekend:
Day 6: Worked in the back yard for 2 hours.
Day 7: Could barely walk because of Day 6. But worked another 2 hours.
Day 8: Felt like an 80 yr-old woman because of Days 6&7. Walked Lucy 2 miles. Did 30 pushups, 30 situps.


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