Our beloved Downton Abbey is back January 5th, 2014.
Just thought you’d want to know.
(It may or may not have been put in my calendar already)
Love me some Downton.
(I also love Michelle Dockery’s eyebrows. Dang.)

So, today is Friday.
(And everyone said, “Amen!”)
And yesterday’s post about by-products got me thinking.
The by-product of being organized is you don’t run around like a lunatic looking for your keys.
(Not saying I do that, but I’ve heard it’s a struggle for people. Ahem.)
The by-product of watering your yard is that it doesn’t look like a crispy chicken in July.
(Again, not saying I struggle with that…)
(Can you tell I’m feeling a bit sassy today with all my (parenthesis) comments? I think it’s my inner child needing a Downton Abbey fix. Yep. That’s it.)

But yesterday, I proposed that the by-product of awesome is I don’t let something external determine who I think I am.
And by the way…I want to make one thing clear: there is a HUGE, ginormous difference between self-confidence and conceit.
Self-confidence (deciding you are awesome) has a healthy view of one’s self.
Conceit distorts the truth.

The first empowers, the latter destroys.
I hope you know I would never, ever advocate conceit.

Yesterday’s post was about turning our mind toward the positive, instead of letting our insecurities throw temper-tantrums. It was about setting our minds right. Some of us (this girl included) has a long history of an undisciplined mind. Do you know how many dumb, D-U-M-B, arguments John Lowe and I have had because I was feeling insecure about something? (A lot.)

I love, love, love this quote from Craig Groeschel’s book, Altar Ego:

“Anytime you should start feeling down or finding your insecurities starting to take root in your life, remember that you are God’s masterpiece. As God’s masterpiece you were created for His purpose. God created you and gave you specific gifts with His purpose in mind. God chose you, created you, and put you in this specific moment in history. It is at this moment in history that you can best glorify God.”

You are his masterpiece.
I am his masterpiece.
We were created for this place, His purpose.

May your weekend be blessed, sweet friend.
You are loved.



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