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Lucy Lesson


Ok friends,

I just had to jump on here this morning because I got a fresh Word…and you know when ya get one, you just want to share it with everyone?!

Those of you who know me, know we have a dog…Lucy. She is a 3-year-old yellow lab who has stolen my heart (and my shoes, waffles, hair brushes, blankets…I digress:)

This is Lucy. She looks so sweet and innocent because I had just caught her laying on our bed the morning I took this (and she knows that’s a no-no!).

On Wednesday, I gave her a new ball. (Oh, how that dog loves her ball.) We played fetch for a few minutes…until I accidentally threw the ball and she couldn’t find it. And honestly, y’all,  I didn’t see where it landed because I was chatting with John at the time. She kept looking for it….methodically searching the house, room to room, corners, furniture…nothing. After a few minutes, of her neurotic searching and then whining/begging me to help (it’s sad, I understand her whines like I did with my kids when they were babies. I need help, I know), I got up and looked with her but it had somehow really managed to disappear. I figured it had rolled under a chair or something and we would eventually find it, but it never turned back up. Strange, I thought. But quickly dismissed it, as we were about to leave.

Then this morning. I was working out on the elliptical when she came in, barking her head off at me. Thinking she just needed to go outside, I stopped to let her out. But she didn’t go to the back door. She went back to the spot where she had lost her ball. She stood there, practically begging me to see what she could see. Not understanding, I got on my knees and looked up from her vantage point (at this point, just to give ya a visual, I’m sweaty, panting and feeling a bit foolish for following my dog around on my knees. (Like I said, I know, I need help. Grin:)

And there it was.

Do you see it? It had somehow taken a bounce and miraculously landed between two pictures on a shelf. I had forgotten about the missing ball. Lucy didn’t. Lucy kept looking.

And then Lucy looked up.

She looked up from the ground she had been searching. She lifted her eyes.


Only after she lifted her head, looked up, did she find what she was looking for.

And then it hits me deep.

We only find what we are looking for when we lift our eyes toward Him. It is in looking up, away from the daily drudge, the struggles, the stresses, the things we try too hard to control – the looking up is the beginning of the healing. The healing, the one thing we really need, isn’t here on earth. Its heavenward. And if our posture becomes one of looking up, we won’t stumble on the things of earth that keep us from receiving the love He wants to give.

But we must look up.

Psalm 121:1-2 says, “I lift my eyes to the mountains – where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.”  Why do we so often forget to look up first? Why do we try to do it on our own until we are so flat-out exhausted that all we can do is LOOK UP?! Oh that next time,  we would look up first…before that exhaustion sets in. Might we quit trying to do it all in our own strength.

Lift our eyes. Look up. Our help comes from the Maker – the MAKER of heaven and earth.

And then, just because God is so awesome, in verse 3 of that passage he says, “He will not let your foot slip – he who watches over you will not slumber.” Do you see that? Envision it for a moment. You, looking up, at Him. Him, looking down, over you. He will not let you slip, fall. He will not fall asleep, but will keep watch over you.

Just look up.