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Miracles, Ministers, Ministry.


Have you ever had that moment, when, in the midst of it, you knew it was changing you forever? Those happen mostly around big things…altars, babies, baptisms….but go deeper with me here…

So, through a darling friend/client, I was referred to a young woman with a serious need to sell her home about 4 months ago. (Sidenote: I love that most of my ‘clients’ are friends, and those who are not friends in the beginning, become such during the process:)

And just so we are clear, I did not think I could help this woman. I didn’t have the experience, I didn’t have the knowledge of estates, probates, affidavits, foreclosure, liens. I didn’t have the skill set. I just didn’t.

Oh how that word makes me sick to my stomach.


I this, I that, I, I, I….Ugh. The flesh is so ugly at times…

Why the Lord trusted me, is a humbling to me at this point. He knew what was to come, He knew the road he was asking us to take. And despite the doubt in my mangled, jaded heart, He proved himself faithful. Over and over and over.

My client is an incredible woman of faith. Her boldness in the Lord left me slack-jawed multiple times. At one point, in the middle of a conversation, she started praying for me and the spirit of fear in me.

It undid me.

It needed to.

In faith, I witnessed a most beautiful display of the Lord’s grace. He met us, over and over again. At each point, when we realized the need, we bowed in prayer…plead at the throne for the provision, and in each instance, He provided. We watched the Lord take what was certain foreclosure and homelessness, into the most beautiful miracle of complete provision.

God is in the business of miracles, I tell ya.

My husband, a man of incredibly integrity, wisdom and support, hugged me after I got home that afternoon from the closing and whispered, “Don’t tell me you aren’t in ministry.”



I believe God says without hesitation, YES.

*min·is·try (mn-str)

1. a. The act of serving; ministration.

b. One that serves as a means; an instrumentality.
Hear me: Please do not build your own kingdom. It won’t last, and the wake of it’s devistation will destroy. This blog post is not meant to be self-seeking glory. Not the “I’m so awesome because I fed the homeless” bologna. Anything we do in service, must be done with the right posture. A bend of the knee, a bow of the head. A full realization that what you are doing is because He has made you a vessel, and without Him, it would not be possible.

The piano and the Pianst. We are the instruments here, people.

But, what if, in the fullness of His power, we seek to recognize the ministry each of us has within us? What if we quit thinking that only pastors, ministers, missionaries, and youth workers are the only ones that Jesus needs? What if we began to ask the Lord to reveal the needs of others around us, and realize that those people are there because the Lord has allowed them in your life – and that – THAT – the ministry lies in submitting ourselves to the Lord in those places?

Where is your heart drawn? What are the burdens you feel for those around you? Have you asked the Lord where He wants you to act, pray, give? Oh friend, seek those places.

Ministry is in our home. Our job. Our kid’s soccer team. The neighbor who lost her husband. The co-worker going through a divorce. The lonely, the hurting, the abandoned, the hopeless.



“Oh Father, I confess my heart is full today. I confess I have not seen the places of ministry in my life because of my selfishness, my insecurity. May the Holy Spirit go before me in this post…fill in the gaps, places where my mind raced ahead of my fingers. Grin. Precious Lord, I ask you to bring our attention to those around us who need You. Let your light guide us in ministering to those around us, and give us the courage when You ask us to step out and be your hands and feet. Amen.”

*Definition source:


“You’re different.”

“Yeah, no kidding,” I replied. As if that’s the first time I’ve ever been told that. Grin.

I sat in a meeting this morning, with a business associate I deeply respect. Topic of discussion: business strategy, financial goals, leveraging. On her end of the conversation were questions about how much, and how to get there. She asked about my goals, my objectives.

Good questions, no doubt.

Hard answers.

Let’s just say that I’m not a numbers kind of gal. I’m a “whatever the Lord puts in front of me” kinda gal. And that doesn’t merge easily into an Excel spreadsheet.

Recently, as I have transitioned from completely staying home with our children, into a somewhat part-time job as a realtor, I have begun to ask the question, “How much is enough?”

The world economy says more is better.

More money, more clothes, bigger house (I’ve got a front seat for that one), better car, designer furniture, bedding, housewares, jewelry…..I could go on and on. The world says to never be satisfied with where you are.

I feel dizzy just from typing the words.

Max Lucado, one of the great authors of our time, wrote a children’s book a few years ago (You are Mine, Crossway Books) about Wemmicks who collected boxes and balls…showing up one another with the more expensive, the more fancy…the more boxes and balls a Wemmick had, the better the other Wemmick’s thought he was. Pity was shown to those who couldn’t afford many boxes or balls. In the story, the main character Punchinello sells everything he has – his house, his bed – everything – so he can buy more boxes, more balls. In the end, he has more boxes and balls than he can carry – But he has given up everything to get them. The race up a mountain outside the Wemmick’s town punctuates the climax of the story, when Punchinello, full of boxes and balls, gets off track while running up the mountain, and winds up falling face first into the house of the Wemmick-maker.

Oh that we would all fall at the feet of the Maker.

Hear him whisper, “You are Mine, child.”

Tenderly, restore us.

Remind us.

It isn’t what you have. It isn’t how much. How big, how fancy.

It’s not worth it. It’s NOT worth it.

Repeat after me – IT’S NOT WORTH IT.

No matter what the world says.

We ended the meeting today on a good note. I enjoyed hearing my associate’s vision for the future. She is a beautiful woman, inside and out, with solid ideas for building a strong company.  She has the wisdom and grace to run the company. I am blessed by the giftings she has for business sense, and yet a strong connection for people, relationships. It was an honor as we spent the better part of an hour taking turns and talking through the growing pains of business. It’s a never-ending balancing act. No one really ever has it all together. And the more she listened, the more I believe she understood that my “business model” doesn’t exactly fit the world’s mold. And that’s ok.

I’m different.

Proverbs 16:8 “Better a little with righteousness than much gain with injustice.”

Jeremiah 45:5 “As for you, do you seek great things for yourself?”


More. Different.