It’s my party & I’ll cry if I want to ;)


Tears fell unashamedly today.
As we left St. Luke’s.
Big, crocodile, wet tears.
Tears of tenderness.
Tears of humbled gratefulness.
It was the last time one of our kiddos would call that place “school”.
St. Luke’s has been part of our lives for over 7 years…Early on, Miss Ella, Debbie, Cinda, Sandy….(all PDO teachers I couldn’t have survived toddlerhood without). Grin.
Then as the kids got older, a host of godly preschool teaching women patiently poured into them scripture, handwriting, music…love.
They encouraged those babes.
They held my hand when I didn’t have a road map to navigate the newness of motherhood. They prayed, and sang and loved.
They loved.
And I loved too.
I am undone.
Without question, our lives are better because of that place. It seems like yesterday Meredith was a toddler learning sign language to “My Fathers House” and learning God’s Word……Cameron, the one who loved his mommas arms, learned safety and comfort, self confidence. The friendships that came from there are such gifts.
And this season of our life is over.
Sad? Yes.
Incredibly grateful?
Oh, yes.


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