Diary of a Not-Wimpy Mom


I had no idea raising kids would be so darn hard.

When decisions made are not popular, or even harder, not easily understood.

Sometimes I want to be a wimp. To give in to the whining, the immature selfishness. And truthfully, at times, I have. I’ve slacked on the rules, avoided the conflict, closed my eyes to the problem. It wasn’t right, I’m not proud of those moments, but if I’m real, honest, it’s the truth.

Then there are the moments when the rubber meets the proverbial road. The times when boundaries must be enforced. Like today. With a daughter who doesn’t fully grasp that every book written for kids her age isn’t appropriate to read. And that because it isn’t overtly bad, doesn’t mean it’s good.

Oh those blurry lines of right and wrong Satan so cunningly uses. The little gray areas that don’t seem wrong….but definitely aren’t right. Thus he employs the ages old tactic: Justification. Oh the slippery slope it is. “It’s okay this time because…” Our ever increasing narcissitic culture tells us that what we do is okay because we are somehow above the rules, immune to the consequences.

By the authentic grace of God, I had the wisdom for that divinely appointed conversation today. Lord knows there have been plenty of times I’ve spoken from the flesh and not the spirit. I do not take for granted that it was one of those blessed moments when I felt the Holy Spirit meet us in it, speak the words through me, that in my flesh, I would never have the widsom (or courage) to say. Oh Father, thank you for those times. Thank you for meeting me today with your Presence.

Oh dear sister in Christ, my prayer is that you stand. Stand in the gap for your children. Stand when they, in their youth, cannot. Pray yourself through the tough stuff, lean on the One who has unlimited strength, arm yourself with the Word that proves true. Give those darling offspring the blessing of a Mother who is grounded in His Word, rooted and established in His Love. Those sweet ones need your strength, they need those boundaries enforced. Even when they beg otherwise. Without foolishness or pride getting in the way, be firm in your words, consistent in your actions. Don’t give up, give in, be prey to the evil one’s attacks.

King Jesus, come.


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