Time flies



I could not be more in love with those eyes. And don’t get me started on that grin.

Time flies.

That bittersweet time in a momma’s life when she realizes her time with young ones at home everyday is drawing short….and the moments she has him to herself are slipping quietly, quickly away. Oh, I know, kindergarten is still five months away, but this momma’s heart is swelling with tenderness that her little one, well, isn’t so little anymore.

It has been joy in my heart, life in my bones, to be home while my kids were little. I was crazy, messy, and often caught off guard by the demands of young motherhood. (who am I kidding, I’m still that way often) Yet as this chapter of motherhood quickly draws to a close, I am keenly aware of His gracious hand upon our home. His kindness to provide for us and allow me to be with them as much as possible. It brings tears to the eyes now.

Time flies.

And even though I know this momma is going to miss him terribly in the fall when he happily heads into his formal school years, I am reminded how my heart ached over the absence of Meredith, and how beautifully his sister has blossomed in these three years since she too began school. As one season quietly closes, another begins…full of promise, hope, and many memories yet to be birthed. I know. I know.

Time flies.

Oh Father, you know this momma’s heart, you know how badly I want to stop time, or at least slow it. Yet not my will, but yours. I know. I know. Time. Flies.


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